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Welcome to ATOMSEL Research Group

b_200_170_16777215_0___images_stories_hydrofobic.pngThank you for visiting ATOMSEL Research Group. Currently we are interested in the optical and electro-chemical properties of functional conjugated polymers and their applications such as electrochromic devices, PLEDs, solar cells, hydrophobic surfaces and sensors, as well as the design and synthesis of novel and unnatural materials. Our research group performs research on atomistic band gap and electrochromic engineering by using various heterocycles based on thiophene, selenophene and tellurophene to be used as monomers and to form conjugated polymers. Also, we continue to deal with a diverse family of luminol-type chemiluminescent materials for analytical and forensic sciences.

If you are interested in learning more about ATOMSEL, and would like to look into how you could apply as a MS, PhD or postdoctoral researcher at Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at Atilim University, send an email to Dr. Cihaner.


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TÜBITAK 50. Bilim, Özel ve Tesvik Ödülleri



M. Pamuk Algi, A. Cihaner, F. ALgi, "Design, Synthesis, Photochromism and Electrochemistry of a Novel Material with Pendant Photochromic Units", Tetrahedron, 70 (2014) 50 64-5072. This study has been selected by the Editorial Board of Synfacts for its important insights. Commented as one of the significant recent developments and future trends in synthetic chemistry. (Synfacts (2014), 10 (10), p 1040)

RESEARCH-Polym. Chem-kapak


The paper entitled “ Furan and Benzochalcogendiazole Based Multichromic Polymers via Donor-Acceptor Approach” has been selected as a cover article in Polymer Chemistry, 2013, 4, 2457-2463.




Dr. Cihaner has been selected by National Chemical Society to participate to the Young Investigator Worksh (YIW) in Larnaca, Cyprus from August 28-30, 2014 and under the hospice of the Organic Division of  EuCheMS.

Selected Publications

• Içli-Özkut et al., Members of CMY Color Space: Cyan and Magenta Colored Polymers Based on Oxadiazole Acceptor Unit, Macromolecules, 45, 2, 729-734, 2012.

• Içli-Özkut et al., A Blue to Highly Transmissive Soluble Electrochromic Based on Poly (3,4-propylenedioxyseleno-phene) with High Stability and Coloration Efficiency, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21, 14, 5268-5272, 2011.

• Içli et al., Donor-Acceptor Polymer Electrochromes with Tunable Colors and Performance, Chemistry of Materials, 22, 13, 4034-4044, 2010.

• Asil et al., A Glow in the Dark: Synthesis and Electro-polymerization of a Novel Chemiluminescent Terthienyl System, Chemical Communications, 3, 307-309, 2009.

• Cihaner et al., A Novel Neutral State Green Polymeric Electrochromic with Superior n- and p-doping Processes: Closer to Red-Blue-Green (RGB) Display Realization, Advanced Functional Materials, 18, 22, 3583-3589, 2008.



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ATOMSEL was established in 2011 and is being supported by Atilim University through the Research Laboratory Projects (ALP).