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Luminol-type Compounds

Chemiluminescent molecules are widely used in the field of analytical chemistry, luminol being one of the most prominent examples, mainly for its blood detection applications. However, incorporation of such pyridazine-based chemiluminescent probes into polymeric structures have proven to be challenging. The main problems are low solubility of these polymers, low thickness of polymeric film, and complex polymerization mechanisms. In our research group, we try to initiate a program aimed at the design and synthesis of novel chemiluminescent materials that can easily be polymerized without the destruction of the chemiluminescent unit during the polymerization process. We have envisaged that suitable chemiluminescent groups appended in monomeric to trimeric systems where both the emission of light and polymerization can be controlled by electrochemical means would make the materials amenable for use in sensors and in forensic sciences.


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