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Blood Detection

Chemiluminescent (CL) materials have been the subject of extensive research in the field of analytical chemistry due to their high sensitivity, high luminescence efficiency and simple instrumentation. Among these, luminol and derivatives that contain a pyridazine unit are the most attractive CL compounds and they have been used both in the analysis of food, pesticide, air pollution and for the detection of H2O2, biologically active compounds (e.g. glucose, adenine, folic acid, lactic acid, dopamine, glycolic acid), immunoassay and DNA probe assays. Additionally, investigators in forensic science used luminol effectively to detect trace amounts of blood left at crime scenes, since Fe3+ ions in blood samples catalyze the CL reaction and a visible blue-green light (at 425–450 nm) can be easily seen with naked eyes in the dark, if there are any bloodstains.



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